MIPS table for pyrochock tests


Pyroshock (Pyrotechnic Shock) or Ballistic Shock are tests that simulate shock forces from the firing of projectiles, missiles or rockets. Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) analysis is used to measure the acceleration as a function of frequency and the total energy of the applied shock pulse. DES has performed many pyroshock tests on products that are used in outer space, rockets, and missiles. DES MIPS table has many adjustments to allow for repeatability and shaping of the shock pulses.   

Equipment Capabilities:

  • Mid-field pyroshock test with Mechanical Impulse Pyroshock Simulator (MIPS)
  • Far-field pyroshock with ED Shaker or MIPS Simulator
  • Frequency control up to 10,000 Hz
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) analysis
  • Numerous high speed data acquisition channels   
Pyroshock test analysis

SRS Analysis of Pyroshock by DES