Here is a partial list of test standards we can help you with...

ASTM - The American Society of Testing Materials

EIA-364 - Test Procedures for Electrical Connectors and Sockets

IEC 60068-2 - Environmental Testing

ISTA - International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Packing Testing

JESD22 - Test Standards for Microelectronics

MIL-STD-202 - Electronic and Electrical Component Parts

MIL-STD-331 - Fuze and Fuze Components, Environmental and Performance Tests

MIL-STD-810 - Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests

MIL-STD-883 - Microcircuits

RTCA/DO-160 - Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment

SAE J1455 - Environmental Practices for Electronic Equipment Design in Heavy-Duty Vehicles