Multiple Environment Over Stress Testing (MEOST) is a test program that uses a combined environment of extreme stresses to quickly expose your product's design and manufacturing weaknesses. Typical stresses include temperature, vibration, electrical, and humidity. In MEOST, the durability of your product is tested for each individual stress, and also for the combined interaction of all stresses. By performing MEOST, you will be able to ensure that your product is rugged before it goes to the market.

Equipment Capabilities:

  • Temperatures from -100°C to +200°C (-148°F to +392°F).
  • Temperatures can be raised or lowered up to 60°C (140°F) per minute.
  • Vibration input levels up to 60 Grms with six degrees of freedom.
  • Additional loads such as electrical, fluid pressure, etc. can be applied to parts inside the chamber simultaneously with temperature and vibration.